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Pet Microchip

Did you know 1 in 3 pets gets lost or runs away?

Pet Microchips have revolutionized animal recovery. When a pet is lost without a collar or proper identification, it can be difficult and in some cases almost impossible to help them find their way home without a microchip.

What are Pet Microchips? How do they work?

Microchips are permanent identification systems about the size of a grain of rice that are implanted between your pet's shoulder blades similar to the injection of a yearly vaccination. Each microchip broadcasts a unique identification number over a specific radio frequency. After implantation of your pet's microchip, we will register your information with the manufacturer which will allow them to have your contact information. When your pet becomes lost, you contact the pet microchip company who will then send a missing pet alert to all clinics and shelters in a 25 mile radius notifying them of your lost pet. All shelters and a large majority of veterinary clinics have universal scanners. Once a found or stray pet is brought in, they are scanned for a microchip and if a microchip is found the owners are contacted. While collars and tags are still a great idea for keeping your pet safe, they can easily fall off or be removed.


How far would you go to see your beloved family member safely returned home?

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