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Boarding & Day Care

When considering boarding your precious pet, many questions need to be considered. These include:

  • What is the expected length of stay at a boarding facility?
  • Does your pet get stressed easily?
  • Does your pet require medication or special feeding or walking instructions
  • How is your pet around other animals?
  • If your pet becomes ill while boarding, who will be making her medical decisions?

Let us take the worry out of your pet boarding reservations. Central Houston Animal Hospital offers a wide variety of kennel sizes with separate canine and feline rooms. We offer reduced rate boarding for extended stay and multiple pet households. While your pet is being kenneled, you can rest easy knowing all boarding patients are being monitored very closely. On top of close observation by our kennel technicians, your pet will receive an exam from one of our veterinary technicians every 3 days to monitor their weight, gum and teeth health, skin and hair coat and general attitude. You can also take comfort in knowing that if your pet becomes ill while boarding with us, their doctors are only a few short steps away.

VIP Pet Boarding

Are you looking for a little more fluff and frills for your special friend? While boarding your loved one at Central Houston Animal Hospital, take advantage of our VIP boarding perks! We offer additional walk sessions for those who need a little extra exercise and playtime sessions for those who need a little extra TLC. We also have yummy treats like Frosty Paws and Kong treats available if you would like to have us offer these.

Our VIP Pet Boarding amenities include:

  • On call doctors for problems over the weekend
  • Technician exams to monitor for changes in weight
  • Fully heated and air-conditioned kennel areas
  • Roomier runs for larger dogs
  • Playtimes and Frosty Paws
  • Outdoor walks
  • Special diets and medical services always available
  • Discounts available for extended boarding and multiple pet households

Helpful Boarding Hints

Remodeling/Home Maintenance

When remodeling or having work done on your home, remember not everyone has your pets' best interest in mind. Loud noises from tools or the excess of foot traffic can send a well trained and obedient pet to seek a break. Many pets have squeezed through an open door or gate when workmen are present in and around the home. We recommend not taking the risk and bringing your pet in for boarding until their home environment is back to normal.

Need a pet boarding reservation? Please call (713) 526-1306 or contact us today.


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