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Veterinary Services

Preventive Health Care
The key to a happy and healthy pet is Well-Care. Routine exams and vaccinations can prevent future health issues. Please call our office today to discuss your pet's well care needs.
While we understand that every pet would prefer to be home, sometimes hospitalization is necessary. Hospitalization allows us to monitor your pet's health closely while giving them the best treatment available to treat their disease process.
Dental Services
Bad breath is no laughing matter. Dental disease can affect your pets comfort and compromise vital organs. We offer professional dental cleanings every weekday to ensure your pet is both comfortable and in the best of health.
Laboratory/Diagnostic Services
We understand that when your pet is ill, finding answers to your questions and concerns is important. We offer a wide variety of In-House and Out-House services to meet your pet's medical needs.
Surgical Services
We offer surgical services for routine and emergency situations. Your pet will receive continued care by one of our excellent veterinarians and will have a designated pet nurse from start to finish.
TLC Boarding
Taking your pets on vacations can be both expensive and dangerous. Taking a pet out of its natural environment can expose them to environmental risk factors. If you plan to travel, consider our TLC boarding where your pet will receive the same level of tender love and care as they would if you were right there.
Day Boarding
Most people feel that their pets are members of their families and we agree. We offer day boarding services for your pet, where our goal is to make them feel like a little piece of home.
Having your pet pampered on a regular basis is important to keeping a happy healthy pet. Regular grooming promotes healthy skin and is a great way to keep a close eye on injuries, skin infections, fleas, ticks and other external parasites.
Nutritional Consultation
Feeding your pet the right diet for their life style can add years to their life. We aim to provide the best possible advice in animal nutrition. Ask us for our recommendation today.
Rehabilitation Services
Our doctors and veterinary technicians will provide a detailed plan for post-operative or post- traumatic care including physical therapy, dietary and medications.  We will be there every step of the way during your pet's recovery process.
We are committed to providing the best care possible for your pet. We offer in house radiology and ultrasound imaging to optimize your pet's diagnostic needs.
Pain Management
Here at Central Houston Animal Hospital, we strive to keep your pet comfortable. We offer a wide variety of pain management plans to ensure your precious friends the best recovery process possible.
Microchip Identification Systems
Nothing is worse than a lost pet. We recommend microchipping your beloved pet to insure a quick return home.
Home Euthanasia Service
We understand the bond between pets and their owners and the importance of the comforts of home. For existing clients, we offer Home Euthanasia services which will allow your pet to spend those last treasured moments with the ones they love in the most stress free environment.
The Staff at Central Houston Animal Hospital understands that it can be difficult to talk your pets into coming into the clinic without fussing and fighting.


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